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The world is split into Yin and Yang and is made up by the 5 elements. On the ancient divine center continent under the heavens, it is currently the prosperous era of the cultivators where billions of lives thrive.

The light is always accompanied by darkness. Translator Synopsis: Contains spoiler Recommended to not read it It is more interesting to piece the story together. However, in the midst of doing so, he was cursed by a Barbarian Fire Shaman to suffer for all eternity under the incineration of black flames. Donation Paypal. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Name required. Post to Cancel.As expected, details are the most annoying thing when it comes to editing photos. Right before class ended, I looked through all the source material once more and I discovered it was only missing a picture of Xiao Qin.

Why is there no photo of Xiao Qin? Anyways, these photos are only for you to practice on, nothing else! The photos Eunuch Cao gave me later even included teachers. It was the same as before where the female teachers looked beautiful and the male teachers looked malevolent. There were no revealing points, nor were there any awkward photos. It seems Eunuch Cao was also asking around for the hobbies and family situation of different girls.

Is he starting from class first? Is he adding male students and teachers because he needs to know information regarding his rivals? How useless! Would I be considered an accomplice by removing the people from the backgrounds? In the last class of the day, I nervously looked at the amount of charge I had left in my phone and I hoped the bell will ring a bit earlier. Xiao Qin poked my arm with a ruler and told me her designs were done.

What the hell! Is this the male protagonist? Is he even human! I thought you said you used me as a model? The head looks like a potato, the four limbs look like eggplants, the eyes are triangle-shaped, and the nose is exceptionally large —— is this what you mean by lecherous nostrils?

Hippos are the most lecherous!

xiao ding patreon

How cruel! The whole face is covered by long hair! Is this supposed to be Sadako?! Did you want to scare me to death! Even if the male protagonist was a hippo, he would probably bolt the second he sees female 2! You even claimed you would conquer all Chinese readers yet you could only produce this sloppy work!

However, there was no drawing, only words written in beautiful handwriting:. The female protagonist is as beautiful as a goddess. She is worshiped by all humans and animals, yet she is still modest and single-mindedly loving the male protagonist whose nostrils are getting larger and larger….Skip navigation.

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Luckily, I'll never have to live up to this promise because I will never reach this goal. Become a patron to 4. Recent posts by Thought Slime. How it works. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English. Currency: USD.In front of such a beautiful, sleeping, defenseless Taoist nun, there was only one movement separating action from inaction. Indeed, it was a temptation very hard to resist.

However, his mind kept reminding him that he should not mess with this celestial-like woman. Although this Taoist nun was sleeping, she was more like a sleeping ferocious beast who could awake at any moment. Xu Que was not good at resisting temptation.

However, he could always stay vigilant for these pie-in-the-sky issues and calculate their risks. However, today I realized that we should be calm in front of these pie-in-the-sky issues. Let me show you something! However, I could still keep a straight face! The System detected the Host is doing something dangerous! Please stop immediately! He also felt an inexplicable sense of danger.

It seemed he would be endangered if he took off the Taoist robe. This woman is wicked setting up restrictive spells on her clothes! Is this Taoist robe. The danger just now had been caused by the Taoist robe, which might protect its owner like a legendary magical artifact! Forget it!

Chapter 209 – Indirect Kiss

As an ascetic gentleman, I will not be controlled by my physical desires! Let me handle business first! Xu Que had stopped his mischievous actions in time. Although he also wanted to obtain the Taoist robe, he was not strong enough to take it off! After all, this beautiful Taoist nun could wake up at any time. Xu Que summoned the System. It seemed the walls were quite shabby. However, they were full of spell formations, which had formed a powerful Soul Gathering Array!

Luckily, I was reminded by the System. Otherwise, he would have immediately discovered the spell formations.

Shan Xiaona - Traditional Penholder (Short Pips And High Toss Serve)

As long as resources were sufficient, a cultivator with Five Elements Celestial Spiritual Roots would realize speedy progress in their cultivation.Why would you ask him! He would only ask me to film AVs! Do you want me to become an AV star then become a spokesperson for the adult goods we sell?

I did not care anymore and pushed my dad out the door. The neighbors who passed by thought some calamity happened at home. In a household where the mother passed away, a boy learned from the Japs and dressed as a trap. One day, his dad realized his son looked extremely similar to his dead wife when he was cross dressing.

Why is he chasing his father out? Did something similar happen? After the auntie and her friend looked at my appearance for one second, they came to a conclusion: His dad has really heavy tastes!

Then I immediately began to check the fridge, check the online message, check my backpack for tomorrow, charge my phone, and prepare for living alone in the upcoming month. Even though it might feel like he was running away, but the most important thing to me was my dad being able to pull himself together. For the most part, I consider myself an atheist. However, every time I see my father return home dead drunk and cry silently in his study, I cannot stop myself but silently sa y my prayers to god:.

As long as she can love my useless father, it would be fine even if she does not love me. Even though I am an atheist, but regardless if it is GuanyinBuddha, God, Allah, Superman, or Batman… I would believe in whoever makes my dream comes true. It was Monday, a Monday where the sun shone brightly. A Monday where students do not want to go to school and office workers want to commit suicide. But to me, it was a brand new day.

xiao ding patreon

I might not be able to see my dad many times in the following month, but at least I know we would both be fighting our battles. Xiao Qin was not able to buy the same model phone as mine. It was a flip phone with a shell-like exterior.

Other than having a bit fashionable and cute appearance, it had pitiful functionality, it could not even surf the web. Her sole contact in her address book was me. Damn it, hurry and change it to something normal! How is it any different than any of those losers who daydreams about their goddess?

For example, when Xiao Ding from the pet hospital plays Romance of the Three Kingdoms IXhe would name his subordinates as females he used to be secretly in love with. Are there any innate differences between yours and his actions?

A famous strategist once said: You must understand your enemies better than you understand your friends. She could have clearly given me a call so I could look at the caller ID, but she took an extra step and handed a cartoon note with her phone number written on it. At the same time, she said to me with a big smile:. Synchronous my ass! I wrote it on a random piece of draft paper I tore off!

It was written terribly on a terribly ugly piece of paper, if Wang XiZhi saw it, he would jump into a lake to commit suicide! If you were this serious about the matter, in what way did you synchronize with me!Legend of the Asura Chapter No, perhaps even more. Otherwise, even though it is a newly born Five Elemental Saint Qilin, it should be stronger than me! That strong? This newly born anomaly was already this strong, how strong would it be in the future.

The Purple Lightning Qilin gave a bitter smile. After all, this was a child the qilin suffered countless hardships to give birth to. Since you saved him, I knew this would be the result, but I am still thankful towards you. After all, without you, it would not have the chance to live. Give my the Spiritual Jade Bottle you have. Receiving the bottle, the Purple Lightning Qilin revealed a serious expression.

He placed a finger on the purple lightning bead on his head and the purple lightning bead exploded with light, causing a trace of lightning to slowly gather at the tip of his finger…. Wait a minute boss qilin, can you give me two drops? The Heavenly Dragon Emperor also needs your essence blood to cure his illness! The Purple Lightning Qilin did not respond, as if it could not speak. Please give your pet a name. The system will now release a Chinese Server announcement, do you wish to reveal your name?

Feng Xiao anxiously thought about it. There is not a chance of obtaining a pet when killing monsters or completing Hidden Quests. Fifth grade pet? The first three grades were ornamental pets and Fourth Grade and up pets had combat abilities.

Sixth Grade pets could be equal normal players. Pets above the Sixth Grade were hard to obtain and each one was incredibly strong. Feng Xiao almost fainted.He smiled slightly as he heard the old and young laughter. Perhaps it was because there was a blood relation between them but after this period of familiarization, Xiao Xiao had clearly become a little familiar with this grandfather, who was a stranger. Her joyous manner completely did not treat him as an outsider.

xiao ding patreon

He looked at Yao Lao under the stone pavilion and asked. However, there was no signs of a large group of people entering and leaving. There has been hardly anyone who had left the Hun clan alone. We have also completely cut off these Hun clan members who had appeared alone. However, we did not obtain any useful news.

Xiao Yan also knitted his brow tightly. Logically speaking, the Hun clan should not be acting in such a calm fashion. Now that we have found it after much difficulty, how could we not hurry and open the Tuo She Ancient God Jade? Xiao Yan softly sighed. At this moment, being anxious would not of be any help. All they could do was to wait for the Hun clan to take action. From the strength that the Hun clan had displayed back then, even if they were to launch a big campaign and attack the Hun realm, it would likely be a futile attempt.

Moreover, if they were ambushed, the alliance army would definitely suffer a great loss. Regardless of what the situation was, the Hun realm had been managed by the Hun clan for countless number of years. The latter would have the advantage of fighting in home territory. This was something that Xiao Yan and the rest were unwilling to see. Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded. They once again discussed about some matter before Xiao Yan finally lifted his head.

He looked at the two figures, who had walked into the courtyard and involuntarily smiled as he stood up and welcome them.

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